Always in focus: Photonics 4.0

Photonics 4.0: From trending topic to production standard. What potential is associated with this key technology? How can it be realized? As the industry’s most important source of impetus, LASER World of PHOTONICS and its focal points make Industry 4.0 a topic of discussion. This is the place to experience innovation and the cutting edge live. Very close to the market—and even closer to your business.

The focus topics 2019

Imaging / Sensors, test and measurement and optical measurement systems

Imaging and laser-based measuring and testing systems have been indispensible in manufacturing, medicine and science for quite some time—and they play an ever-increasing role as demand for precision and resilience increases.

The advantages? Broader applications, improved results, lower costs.

Success in numbers—LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017


Exhibitors, Imaging


Visitors, Imaging


Exhibitors, Sensors


Visitors, Sensors

Lasers and laser systems for production engineering

They optimize production and make processes more efficient. As high-performance tools in the macro- and micro-machining sector, lasers mainly give you one thing: A genuine competitive edge.

As the largest trade fair for this exhibition sector, LASER World of PHOTONICS will demonstrate how your company can profit from that in the exhibition sector lasers and laser systems for production engineering.

Success in numbers—LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

~ 350


> 13,800


Biophotonics and medical engineering

Ultra-high-resolution imaging and increasingly precise spectroscopy and laser systems are making an entirely new level of quality possible in diagnostics.

On the one hand, physicians, biologists, chemists and pharma/material researchers profit from biophotonics and medical engineering. On the other, so do patients—thanks to minimally invasive techniques for gentler therapies.

Success in numbers—LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

> 300


~ 6,500


Optics and manufacturing technology for optics

Lenses with a surface accuracy in the nanometer range are behind ever more accurate laser and optical systems.

Manufacturers depend on ultra-precise optical and mechanical ablation processes, innovative coating processes and extremely accurate measuring technology to venture into these nano-worlds. The latest trends in optics and optical manufacturing will be showcased by the world’s leading trade fair LASER World of PHOTONICS.

Success in numbers—LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017

> 700

Exhibitors, Optics

> 20.000

Visitors, Optics

> 700

Exhibitors, Manufacturing technology for optics

> 10.000

Visitors, Manufacturing technology for optics

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International and innovative: This trade fair is the only event that depicts the entire range of photonics solutions.

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